Monday, June 8, 2009

Palm Pre Bugs Roundup + FIXES

It’s not uncommon for a newly released device show signs of software_bugbugs.  The Palm Pre is no exception.  Several bugs have recently  been discovered within 2 days of the Palm Pre launch.  We’ll keep a running updated list of bugs as they’re reported.

  • Screen discoloration:  Some Palm Pre owners are reporting a discolored portion of their screen and possibly dead pixels. 
  • Symbols problem:  This issue is affecting all Palm Pres.  You cannot insert symbols into a web-based form through the Palm Pre web browser.  Quite annoying for users who have symbols in a password they’re trying to enter online.
  • Extremely slow photo album: When viewing photos, it takes forever to load a single picture.  Seems to be intermittent could be a potentially corrupt group of photos that needs to be deleted then re-added to the Pre.
  • Restart/Shutdown Issues:  Some are reporting that the Pre shutdown while the keyboard is out. 


    • CAUSE:  Battery doesn’t make full contact with battery contacts when keyboard slides out.
    • WORKAROUND:  Place a piece of paper between the top portion of battery to sort of push the battery downwards forcing it to make keep touching the battery contacts (via PreCentral).  This should buy you some time until the Sprint has a better quantity of replacement Palm Pres.
MacGyvered Battery Shim

For the other issues, don’t panic Pre lovers all of the aforementioned issues can be resolved with a software update (except for the screen discoloration issue which seems more like a hardware issue).  You can also rest assured that Palm isn’t going to ignore these issues and risk bad publicity so soon on their “iPhone-Killer”.

Are you experiencing any bugs not listed here?  Please submit your bug in the comments section and stay tuned as we’ll be updating this list regularly.


  1. I have the random shut down problems with mines. Like when I have the keyboard open and the screen goes black, it shuts off.

  2. Another bug: When trying to click on some notifications, it won't take me to the message. Ex: a new email come in, when I click it, it won't send me to that email.