Monday, May 24, 2010

You Should Be Paranoid. derrickisONLINE Shows You How To Protect Yourself!

Identity theft is on the rise affecting nearly 10 million people in 2008 alone.  A 22% increase since 2007!  The plethora of victims has increased as technology becomes more  of a necessity reaching individuals of all demographics.  The trade off?  Privacy. 

Take Google for example. Google offers many free services including search, GMAIL, and Android for starters.  Google wasimage  recently in the hot seat for releasing Google Buzz (a social network similar to Twitter and/or Facebook) to the public with glaring omissions in privacy options.  Google's algorithm just picked people out of your email box for you to follow and be followed by, regardless of whether they are friends, spouses, mistresses, stalkers, or enemies.  Worse, the list of your followers and followees was made public by default, so anyone can see it.  Take it one step further, using an Android phone with GPS enabled (most newer phones do) any Buzz (think of it as a Tweet) made by you included your exact location on Google Maps

During the snow storm of 2010 Google Buzz was released.  Like all Google products it ignited excitement when I heard about it.  I quickly download the app to my phone and began to check it out.  I was immediately able to see other people in my neighborhood “Buzzing” using Google Buzz, but the crazy part was, it showed their exact location and even somehow is smart enough to select a picture of you (if you use one of their online photo services).  Scary!  Before I “Buzzed” I noticed a message which advised me that my location would be included.  I looked for a way to disable this feature to no avail.  I quickly deleted the application and sat back and watched the outrage from bloggers, tech media and others.  Sure enough Google was forced to put additional privacy measures in place.  The damage is already done in my opinion.  It will be a long time before I consider using Google Buzz again.

Then you have public records.  Have you ever Google-ed your name?  You might be surprised at what you find.  Go ahead, give it a try.  I’ll be here……  you done?  Amazing huh?  I was surprised to find very little on my name.  Mainly because I have always been big on privacy.  But some things are unavoidable like public records or data harvesting from other websites. 

Public records include marriages, home buying, and more.  I found a wedding registry online (which my wife registered for before we got married), it told our date, location of wedding, and of course our registry. 

Data harvesting.  A Google search of my name included our home’s address, purchase price, and our full names appeared as excerpted local news paper.  It eventually expired or fell off, but that was disturbing nonetheless.

Most states even offer a free website to obtain public records.  For example, there’s a website in a particular state where you can put in a person’s first and last name and see any court proceedings from tickets, divorce, to domestic violence.  By the way, you’d be surprised how many guys at my job beat up their wives (allegedly).  To make matters worse, a citation listed in this system also includes your address.  It appears domestic violence and restraining orders have victim addresses omitted to protect the privacy of the victims.  How nice.  But what about potential victims? 

That brings me to my point.  As technology makes it easier for friends, family and co-workers to keep in touch, is also makes it easier for criminals to find you.  In this blog I intend to open your eyes to things you may have never knew were happening behind your back as well as tips to protect yourself both on and offline!


- Shred EVERYTHING and opt for online statements and bills whenever possible.  Believe it or not identify theft often happens by means of dumpster diving.  Who knows even an underpaid trash man might be in the business of selling your trash to identify theft rings.  Think twice before you just toss away a credit card statement.  Better yet, do what I do.  Not only do I shred all identifying documents, I even rip, cut, or peel any labels with my name and address off  junk mail.  Then toss the junk mail in the trash.  But don’t just shred, get a shredder that does cross cut and confetti shredding.  The shredders that simply cut your paper in 10 rows is easy enough for someone to tape back together.  Most shredders will now even shred your credit card, and CD/DVDs. 

- Take your address out of your GPS under HOME.  Most cars with built-in GPS have a function called HOME.  Hitting home will get you GPS directions back to your home regardless of where you are or how drunk you are.  This is again one of those conveniences that we find useful but also invade our privacy.  How?  Next time you loose your keys and someone grabs them, hits the alarm on your keypad to locate your car in a parking lot, or better yet, carjacks you.  Now he has an entire set of keys and your car with GPS coordinates to get him straight to your house.  Now you’re looking to file a claim with your car insurance, and homeowner’s insurance.  This suggestion is only as good as you make it.  In other words leaving identifying documents and papers in your car doesn’t help matters.  Yes I’m a little paranoid.  Fuck you!

- Encrypt passwords.  Don’t walk around with your passwords in your wallet, don’t walk around with pieces of paper containing passwords.  Don’t store your passwords in your mobile phone UNLESS you’re storing them in an app that encrypts that information and requires you to use a password to access it.   Some great apps include KeePassDroid (for Android OS) and SplashID for most other phone operating systems including Android.  Both allow sync with Windows (SplashID includes Mac).

-Always use secure passwords.  Don’t use password that use part of your name, child’s name, address, age, dog’s name, etc.  Make it totally random, at least 6 characters include numbers, letters, special characters, and a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters.

- Don’t drive around with your name on your license plates!  Besides looking like a douche bag, it makes it easy for someone to walk up to you and say “Hey <insert your douche bag name here>, remember me”  and the scam begins.  Or maybe someone is looking for you, child support collectors, people wanting to serve you with a summons, etc.  Oh look, there goes <insert douche bag name here again>.  Yep that must be him.  Look at his tags. 

- Always keep your head on full swivel.  Always be aware of your surroundings, take note of anyone or anything that looks suspicious or out of place.  If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.  Humans have a keen sense of intuition, the problem is many choose to ignore it.  How many times has someone said “I should have followed my gut, I knew something didn’t feel right.”  That’s not an imaginary feeling, wildlife and humans alike are born with intuitions.  Only human intelligence often forces us to rationalize this feeling, don’t rationalize it, get the fuck out of dodge.

- When traveling, don’t rock the fanny pack.  Aside from looking like you turned down the wrong street on your way to the gay pride carnival, it screams tourist.  Leave your jewelry at home.  Not need to make the lady massaging your foot on the beach feel like she’s any less because she gets $1 US for a foot massage.    Besides you scream TOURIST, especially taking a picture every fucking moment you can.

- Just say “no” to anyone coming to your front door trying to sell you something or ask you questions.  I mean really, when was the last time a stranger knocked on your door and it ended in something positive?  Better yet, don’t open the door for strangers.  If you must acknowledge them, speak THROUGH the door especially women.  It’s easy to overpower someone by forcing your way through a door.  Remember the days of “latch key kids”, times haven’t changed, criminals will still knock on your door. 

- Get an alarm.  Keep it armed when home (motion off if necessary) and fully armed when not home. 

- Get a firearm.  Preferably something 9mm or better.  Though a .380 will do the job as well.  Nothing says “you picked the wrong house muthafucka” like some flying bullets.

- Get cameras for your home.  Wireless cameras are as low as $40 each, invest in a DVR to record everything and make sure your camera is night vision capable.  It not only serves to help track down bad guys, it can be a deterrent, hmmm burglarize this house, or the house without a camera?  Decisions decisions.

- Fence in your yard.

- Trust no one!  How many times have we heard “I can’t believe that happened in my neighborhood.”  “He seemed like such a nice guy, I can’t believe he murdered his entire family.”  “Wow they were so quiet, who would have known imagethey were terrorists.”  First off, criminals don’t normally wear signs.  Though if you look close enough there could be telltale signs.  Not all criminals have tattoos, scruffy clothes, drive “Chester the Molestor” vans.  Some of the most successful serial killers have been handsome and cunning.  The best criminals are great actors.

- When traveling, remember you are a guest in someone’s country.  You don’t run shit just because you’re American.  Yes they like your money, but most don’t really like you.  You might demand a certain level of amenities or way of life in the United States but don’t go to someone else’s country and demand anything.  Shooting your ass on the spot might be illegal in the United States but in another country it might be as simple as giving the police a few U.S. dollars from the wallet found on your dead lifeless body to mind their business.  The same rules do not apply.  Leave the American arrogance at home in the U.S.


- Always use an alias online.  If your name is Mr. Douche Bag.  At the very least use only your first name but it’s preferred to use a completely different alias or screename unrelated to your real name.

- Avoid posting personal information in your online profile whenever possible.  Instead of saying your city and state, try just putting your state, or “metro area”.  When responding in forums, don’t give out personally identifying information.  Telling a guy who lives on North Ave in Baltimore… “Ohh I live down near Coppin” is basically allowing this guy to put the pieces together to track you.  You have a picture of your car in your profile, you just told him you live near Coppin, he’s seen a picture of you, that’s sodomy waiting to happen. 

- Sell that TV in a well-lit public location not at your home.  Next time you want to sell a TV on craigslist, tell the prospective buyer to meet you somewhere.  Try meeting in a well-lit, public location in view of many people.  If you must have the person come to your home, notify someone that a stranger is coming to take a look at a TV in your home and to call 9-1-1 if they don’t hear from you in 15 mins.  Other alternatives include being strapped, cocked and loaded.  Never turn your back to a stranger who’s coming into your home.  Keep your front door open while the transaction takes place. 

Funny story, a guy came by my home to pick up several gallons of peanut oil we used to fry a turkey for thanksgiving (if you haven’t tried frying a turkey, do it, you will never go back to dry baked turkey again).  The guy literally pulled up in the Chester Molester van as shown above (no joke).  I’m strapped (always) when he comes in, I follow my own rules, I never turned my back to him.  As he came in he began to close the door behind him as he came in, VERY strange since when I let him in, I pushed the door as far open as possible to let a murder be witnessed by neighbors had he chose to lose his life over peanut oil that day by trying me.  Not to mention the peanut oil was RIGHT THERE at the front door.  No need to come all the way in buddy.  For a second I thought I was really about to cap this cunt.  To make matters worse he really did look like a serial killer, which is probably why he wasn’t a serial killer.  Most serial killers look normal. 

- Social networks, just say “NO” or at least take every privacy precaution offered.  Even the most secure of servers including banks have been hacked at some point.  Don’t trust Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Amazon with too much personal information.  Use fake information whenever possible.  Limit the information provided to essential basics.  Don’t tell Facebook what high school you went to, what college, every job you ever had, pictures of your children, cars, homes, address, telephone numbers etc.  Who knows, maybe the guy you used to beat up in school wants his revenge.  Don’t share information with the world on Facebook, don’t allow friends of friends access to your information, disable GPS location on Tweets, Facebook, and Google.

- Delete your credit card information!  Whenever you purchase something be sure to go back and check that website to ensure your credit card wasn’t automatically saved “for your convenience” for future purchases.  Not only might a hacker get that information from their servers, someone might just consider hacking your Amazon account to make some purchases of their own. 

- Stop telling everyone you’re on vacation sippin’ cognac on Facebook and Twitter.  You’re leaving yourself wide open to burglary.

- Stop using Foursquare, Gowalla, and Loopt.  These services announce your GPS location to friends and family “Douche Bag just checked in at the Pimps Up Hoes Down Convention”, but if you didn’t opt for privacy you might be announcing that to the world.  Think about it, didn’t you just add your co-worker to Twitter?  Then you called out Monday but Sunday at 3AM (technically Monday at 3AM) you Tweeted “Yooo I’m having a blast, we are so fucked up at this pimps up hoes down convention I don’t know how I’m getting home.” 

- Make sure your friends list is really just your FRIENDS or family list.  I know it’s hard to click the DECLINE button to someone you know but don’t really know.  But you what I say?  Fuuuuuck ‘em.  The less exposure and visibility you get the better.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Collateral Murder

Like it or not, the war in Iraq isn't ending anytime soon and we all know collateral damage is a by-product of war.  But when we hear the word war I don’t think it truly resonates with us what war is and what actually occurs out  in the field.  Today I read an article that lead me to a website called Wikileaks.  This is a whistle-blower website where anyone can submit information anonymously.  It’s a new form of journalism whereby there is no censorship.  Often times news agencies  are unable to release certain information, are unable to protect confidential sources, or simply gagged by the government or their board of directors.  There are also situations where companies and governments simply won’t release information.  These whistle-blowers aren’t your average “hey our company rips people off” sorts.  These are inside sources, moles working in the government, or people with firsthand information (and proof).  Wikileaks is non-profit and is dedicated to getting information which wouldn’t otherwise (willingly) be released to the public.

Upon visiting Wikileaks I was presented with a disturbing video of US military troops gunning down innocent bystanders two of which were Rueters news journalists, and even children.  Before watching the video I thought to myself, these guys are journalists in the middle of a war.  These journalists understand the dangers of being smack in the middle of a city presently under war.  So though it is unfortunate they became casualties I don’t think our military truly has time to discern every detail before taking action.  They have split-seconds at times to make a decision to save their life or others.  Most people run away from a war zone, not walk right into it.  But that is exactly what journalists do.  That being said, I was sadly mistaken.  This video actually moved me, angered me, disturbed me, and overall I really felt disgusted at how easy it was for these troops to kill these two reporters.  I got the sense that these guys enjoyed it, I almost felt like they made excuses to get permission to shoot them.  Comments like “he has an RPG” or “he’s armed” when the guy had a fucking camera really bothered me.  I can respect that in the wrong part of Iraq, in the middle of a war you don’t have time to determine whether someone has a gun or a camera, much like a police officer doesn’t always have time to determine if someone’s pulling out a gun, or their wallet in the middle of a heated exchange.  The difference is, these guys were firing on these bystanders from a chopper, no one was shooting at them, they had excellent visual equipment (as you’ll see in this video) and had plenty of time to further investigate whether or not this camera and strap was in fact a gun.  Add the fact that these guys [journalists] were simply walking down the street and you’ll  see why to me it seemed more like this soldier was playing a video game than saving lives.

When we hear about war, we’re desensitized to it.  We don’t visualize the actual bloodshed, we don’t react the same as we do when we hear a friend, co-worker, or family member was killed.  We' are pretty detached and shielded from the visuals.  But watch this video and ask yourself how you would feel if your entire country was being punished for the actions of a small group of individuals (ex. the Taliban).  Ask yourself how you would react to your child being shot, your brother being killed by an invading country’s troops even though you aren’t the problem (ex. Taliban). I’m really interested in hearing your feedback on the video.  Please watch every bit of it.  The end will really disturb you.  If you’re unable to see the YouTube video below, it can be found on the website under collateral damage.  The video quality is superb.  Enjoy.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tiger, get off my fuckin’ televison!

I don’t know about you but boy am I tired of hearing about Tiger Woods and his infidelity.  I know I know, then why am Itiger writing about it right?  Well the guy is getting more coverage on CNN than Iraq, Afghanistan, and health care reform all together.  So how can I not add my crass two cents.

First off Tiger, what kind of pussy-ass voicemail was that?  You don’t ask your mistress to delete your phone number.  You tell that bitch.  She’s the mistress, you don’t owe her an explanation, she knows her role.  She knew you were married, she knew you weren’t leaving your wife.  She was there for you to deposit your “kids”.  The mistress has low self-esteem.  Why else would she be fucking an involved man.  She’s used to being put in her place, she’s used to men walking on her.  So the only conversation should have been:

“Hey, don’t call me, shit is hot”.

That would have at least left you open for all sorts of excuses.  Now you’re fucked.  When I first heard the voicemail on a radio program on my way to work, I thought it was a spoof.  I was thinking this can’t be real.  You can’t actually be sounding that pussy.  Sure you look like a pussy but your name is Tiger!  Unleash that Tiger dude.  On second thought, unleashing the Tiger is what got you in this mess. 

One thing I cannot stand is a forced apology.  I’d rather someone not apologize than apologize because they feel obligated.  When politicians and stars have slip-ups, be it sexual, or a comment they made in public, don’t apologize for it.  Roll with it.  A fake apology is like a double fuck you in my book.  Remember when Fuzzy Zoeller speaking to reporters at a golf tournament referred to Tiger Woods as "that little boy" and urged him not to order fried chicken or collard greens for the Champions Dinner. Then went on to apologize stating his comments “were not intended to be racially derogatory”.  This is a great example of someone who should have just ran with it.  Why apologize?  African-Americans didn’t buy your apology, nor did we believe that your comment wasn’t racially motivated.  Zoeller’s apology only lost him cool points with the Klan.  So Tiger, don’t apologize, you only look more guilty.  Not to mention Tiger shouldn’t be apologizing to the public, in fact it’s none of our damn business.  I’m tired of hearing about it.  Tiger cheated, he got his ass whopped by his wife and wrecked his SUV.  It should have ended with that.  We don’t need blow-by-blow, “breaking news”, “exclusive coverage”, “this just in”, “live coverage”,  and “exclusive interviews with neighbors”.  Does the news paper really need to publish the full transcript of Tiger’s apology?  Do we really need to have a panel dissect each and every word to determine if Tiger’s apology is authentic?  WE DO NOT GIVE A FUCK! 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone cheating, but I didn’t give a shit about Tiger or golf before, so why would I care about his personal life now.  Is it necessary to interrupt my regularly scheduled programming to hear a staged apology?  I mean really.  Puffy eyes, mom in the front row?  He hugged his mother like he was a 7 year old who just got caught beating his dick in school.  I mean really, this press conference was almost as bad as Chris Brown on Larry King live.  My man had on a blue sweater and bow tie as he satchrisbrown next to his sobbing mother while he apologized to the world for beating the snot out of Rhianna.  This is what I mean by staged apology.  Maybe they really did mean their apology, but do it a normal average citizen sort of way.  Apologize, don’t wear a blue sweater and bow tie apologizing with your mother next to you.  That’s such a pussy-ass move and it really only serves to makes you look pathetic and fake.  Chris Brown would have got more respect if he said, that bitch had it coming, but I shouldn’t have resorted to physical abuse.  Tiger would have got more respect if he said, she wasn’t giving up the ass knowing I’m a millionaire, knowing I can buy the best piece of ass money can buy.  So fuck her.  She had it coming.  But I regret being caught and having my ass whopped with a golf club as well as being humiliated on national television. 

Google is becoming too powerful!


I recently read an article that asked the question:  “Is Google google-monopolygaining a monopoly on the world's information?”.  I did  not take me to long to conclude that “YES” they are!

As much as I love Google they are becoming very powerful very fast.  When Google Buzz was released, that was probably one of the first Google apps I refused to use.  When I tried it out (just by looking at other individual public updates using Google maps) I was BLOWN AWAY that I could see the exact address of someone tweeting (I mean "buzzing") in my neighborhood.  I wondered if they realized I could not only see their picture but exact location.  That's some scary stuff.  What if you said "I hate bush" and your Nazi/KKK nearby neighbor decided to seek revenge.  What if a child was buzzing to his other friends "I'm home alone, parents are gone, time to play COD MW2".  Now the pedophile in your area sees this and his address and decides to go "play" with the child too.  That was extremely disturbing.  Add the fact that these options were AUTOMATICALLY enabled and it's clear that even Google is prone to making mistakes. 

So what happens when a mistake releases all that information stored on Google servers about an individual?  What happens when Google gets hacked?  Notice I said “when” and not “if”.  Google has already received publicity recently for being hacked by the Chinese.  Have you Googled your name lately?  You'd be surprised what you will find.  I actually use an Internet alias online at all times just to prevent this sort of privacy invasion.  When I Googled my name and found my home purchase, cost paid, exact address, law suits I've filed, posts made to forums, wedding registry complete with marriage date, I said it was time to make some changes. 

With the amount of information Google has, they're becoming extremely dangerous.  People keep saying "if you don't have anything to hide what's the big deal".  Well I do have plenty to hide!  God forbid my mistress find me and tell me those kids are in fact mine!  Joking.  But seriously, I don't need people to know what car I drive, drove, previous addresses, previous last name, etc.

Here's a great example.  Ever since I could remember there was this guy in LOVE with my mother.  He stalked her constantly.  He wasn't dangerous, he was just crazy in love with my mom who was never interested in him.  As years went on he always managed to find us.  We would eventually get a card in the mail, flowers, etc.  Regardless of where we lived.  Just last year this guy friend requests me on Facebook!  What the fuck?  Take it one step further, I had my last name changed 4 years prior to him finding me on Facebook which is set to private, so how did he do it?  I am positive Google had something to do with it.

I don’t think the average person realizes that Google isn’t just a search engine.  They aren’t just a free email provider.  They’re an advertising company who harvests personal information from Gmail, Google Voice, Picassa, Google Android handsets, and pretty much every service they provide you with for free.  Information is great but there has to be concern for privacy when it comes to individuals.  Google needs some regulation in their life. 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bank of America changes it’s name to Bank of Tommy “The Shark” Martorano.

Ohhhhh if I had some good PhotoShop skills I would have really done a number with the picture below and the Bank of America picture.  Bank of America, consider yourself lucky.  loanshark

My wife who banks with Bank of America had her interest rate nearly double for no apparent reason a few months ago.  She has good credit, pays on time, and pays more than the minimum.  She  immediately called them and their answer was something to the affect of, we see that your debt-to-income ratio is out of whack.  Hmm, so you see that someone’s ability to repay their debt could be hampered by their existing additional debts and you decide to double their interest rate?  I fail to see how that would help the situation.  The other issue is her debt-to-income ratio is skewed since they’re not taking into account that she’s married and it’s not just her income it’s both of our incomes that support our household. 

After having my interest rates jacked recently (more on that later), I recently revisited the issue and asked myself.  How would Bank of America know what her debt-to-income ratio is without pulling her credit report?  Something they wouldn’t have been authorized to do without some sort of credit application.  Well folks I now know what they’re doing.  Apparently we requested a personal loan to consolidate debt into one payment at which time they run a credit report.  That loan was approved with a ridiculous interest rate and we subsequently declined that offer fearing we might bump into this loan shark in a dark alley and have our knee caps broken.  What they’re doing is taking the information they have on file (in this case, the loan application done months before the credit card interest rate was nearly doubled) and using it against you.  Wow.  That’s some sneaky shit and quite frankly unfair, because again as I stated in my aforementioned paragraph they’re not taking into account that she lives in a married household with dual incomes.  Not to mention the um, you know, the fact that she pays on time, more than the minimum payment.

I had long vowed to never do business with Bank of America regardless of the fact that you could find a Bank of America ATM in your crack dealer’s basement if you wanted.  I had heard horror stories about them for a long time and I never liked their affinity for sodomizing hard working Americans while having the audacity to call themselves Bank of America.  Somehow implying they’re somehow the bank for the people.  But then again, Black folks have always been weary of a bank who’s logo shares the same colors as the confederate flag correlating them with rape, inequality, and oppression.  Ok that was a bit much right?  But it’s true.  Bank of America is doing  just that.  Raping customer’s ass holes, paying executives tons of money while hurting the middle class (inequality), and oppressing the middle class by continuing to hike interest rates for no valid reason other than they can.

In fairness (because you know how important it is to me to report the news fairly, right).  Bank of America allows you to decline the credit card hike, thus allowing you to pay existing credit card debt under the same interest rate as long as you don’t make any more charges on the card going forward.  Essentially your card/account will be closed once it’s paid.  But they’re so caring they actually leave the card activated and working for you just in case you decide you must have something.  This way if you do make a charge to the card they can immediately assume you’re interested in keeping the card, you’ve essentially reaccepted the interest terms, and jack your interest rate back up while you pay off the card.

More recently I’ve had my credit card interest rates jacked up by Chase and some other bank who’s name I can’t even recall.  Same situation, they’re just looking to fuck the average Joe by any means necessary to recover from those defaulting mortgages for which they should have known would default in the first place.  I mean come on, you gave the guy sweeping the floor at Dunkin Donuts a $700,000 mortgage and called it “exotic financing” by pulling tricks like ARM and interest only loans.  My idea of exotic isn’t living in a shelter in two years which is exactly what’s happened to millions of now ex-homeowners. 

For those who don’t know a big reason we’re in a recession is because of the housing market.  Remember not long ago the housing market was booming!  Why?  Because people were buying homes left and right.  Why?  Because the Wells Fargo and Countrywide mortgages of the world would get you financed for $700,000 homes when they knew you wouldn’t be able to afford it when that adjustable rate changed, or that interest only loan caught up to you.  It’s called predatory lending and my wife and I know first hand.  Luckily for us we were educated consumers and knew the difference between a 30-year fixed rate vs. an ARM or interest only.  But that didn’t stop the lenders from trying to shove it down our throat.  One lender (the biggest loser in the whole housing bubble burst), Countrywide actually refused to give us a GFE (Good Faith Estimate) for a 30-year fixed interest rate.  He insisted we go with an ARM even though our credit was good, and we knew we could get a low fixed interest rate.  It mattered to him because they got bonuses for predatory lending.  We ended up telling him to go fuck himself and left his office.  Same situation with Wells Fargo.  We couldn’t believe it.  They were trying to talk us into $500,000 loans by going with an ARM or interest only loan when we KNEW that’s not what we wanted.  We wanted $300,000 and a fixed rate.  Now look at the millions of American’s who got FUCKED because they either didn’t know better and got taken by big corporations, or tried to live above their means.

Now these same corporations want to double dick the consumer by now saying we’re jacking up all those credit card interest rates to make up for defaulting home loans.  Oh, and we’ll take that bail-out money too Mr. Obama and continue to pay top dollar to our executives. 

So again, in fairness to Bank of America, they aren’t doing anything other banks aren’t doing, they were simply on the cutting-edge of consumer sodomy.  They were hiking interest rates before the other banks had even thought about it.  Now other banks are following suit jacking up rates ahead of congress passing new credit card legislation that would essentially put a number of regulations on when and how credit card issuers can increase interest rates.  It’s a very positive measure but banks simply decided to jack those rates up before the new measure goes into effect.  The feds however are trying to backdate the measure to May.  This means any bank who jacked up interest rates after May (around the time this legislation was introduced) would be forced to retroactively comply even though the effective date might not be until Dec. 1st.

That helps for some who have multiple credit cards.  But as I previously stated, Bank of America clearly saw this coming before May and had already started hiking interest rates.  Those cunts strike again! 

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Concerned University students have taken issue with roommates having sex in dorm. New “anti-sexiling” policy in effect.

What a bunch of whiney cunts.  Of course we all know who these “concerned students” are don’t we?  Yep.  Those are the image cock-blocking whistle blowers who’s pants are a little too high, glasses a little too thick, and breath a little too rank to really want to converse with.  Unfortunately you got stuck sharing a dorm room with them, and apparently the panting going on in your half of the dorm room is affecting your roommates Harry Potter marathon.

Ok, here’s the issue.  Tufts University’s 2009-2010 student handbook has implemented a new policy that prohibits students from engaging in sexual activities while a roommate is present.  In addition, roommates are also prohibited from “sexiling” (much like exiling) a roommate for the purposes of engaging in a little skin slapping action.  More specifically "You may not engage in sexual activity while your roommate is present in the room.  And sexual activity within your assigned room should not ever deprive your roommate(s) of privacy, study, or sleep time.” 

No wonder I only went to college 6 months. My idea of a college dorm would mean not only will I be fucking in my dorm room on  a regular basis regardless of who’s present, hell I might even turn that mutha into a train.  My roommate and I could run an Amtrak  for all I care.  In fact I’d be telling my roommate to invite his fuck of the week and we' could play a game of musical chairs, freak edition.  Isn’t that the only reasons people go to college?  Oh yeah that and the parties. 

Callie Morton, a freshman at Tufts, told CNN affiliate WHDH-TV, "If someone is going to go and have sex while their roommate is in the room, I mean I think that's kind of gross. I think it's kind of funny that they would have to make a rule about it."  Aw come on!  Are you kidding me.  Did she say “gross”?  How old are we?  I’ll guarantee you that bitch is the one who anonymously suggested the rule.  I can see right through her bullshit act.

Oh my how times have changed.  Damn those Republican Conservatives.  They’ve even managed to infiltrate the dorm rooms of America!  You can’t even bust a stressed-filled final exams nut to help you concentrate without first checking in with your cock-blockin’, eagle scout, roommate.  Whatever happened to the sock or rag on the door handle trick?  Whatever happened to saying “hey, tonight this BAD chic from the party last night is coming over, chances are I’m going to be bangin’ her back out…so call me before you head home if I don’t answer, you know what’s up.”  Now we have to get school officials involved.  It’s a say day America.  I think a demonstration is called for.  Horny college students, I urge you to have a sit-in fuck-in at your RA’s room. 

Planes keep falling out of the sky, coincidence?

No, airlines aren’t just charging you every fuckin’ fee they can image think up short of the pay-per-breath fee.  They’re also aggressively engaging in fuel hedging which could be contributing to rising oil prices.  But even more scary, they’re also cutting costs along the lines of fuel.  Sure that sounds ideal.  Use fuel more efficiently right?  Right.  But what happens when you decide to take risks by  not providing extra fuel to a plane?  What happens when you give a plane just the right amount of fuel to fly from point “A” to point “B”. 

For years, fuel represented 10% to 15% of most airlines' operating costs, but in the summer of 2008, as crude prices soared, its cost-share shot up to between 35% and 50%, according to the Air Transport Association, a trade group that represents most U.S. carriers.  Part of the problem is the more fuel being carried by a plane, the heavier it is thus the more fuel it’s burning hauling the load.  Planes typically (maybe not so typical anymore) fly with more than enough fuel for those instances where an emergency arises and they can’t immediately land.  Spare fuel beyond the minimum required by FAA is often added to airliners to allow for weather or airport delays. That adds weight, which burns more fuel and increases a plane's operating cost.

FAA regulations require airliners to take off with enough fuel to reach their destination or an alternate airport, plus another 45 minutes of flight. The regulations also say it's up to dispatchers and pilots to decide the size of fuel loads, with pilots making the final call.  Many Pilots are calling bullshit on that last sentence.  They’re complaining airline bosses, looking to cut as much cost as possible, are forcing them to fly dangerously low on fuel.

So I decided to put on my thinking cap.  Now is it me or do planes seem to be falling out of the sky frequently?  I mean come on, we have planes being landed in the Hudson, planes mysteriously disappearing, it seems every time I turn on the television there’s another plane accident.  But I don’t suspect that cutting fuel costs is the only corner being cut.  Any greedy corporation is going to find ways to keep their profits up while passing on any potential price increases to the consumer be that in the form of rate increases, or inadequate funding of safety and maintenance.  I suspect maintenance duties aren’t being performed on a regular basis either.  And if they are, how many of those defective parts are being swapped out when they should be?  Who’s to say they’re not putting Band-Aids on these maintenance issues to buy time or save money?  Lots of companies do risk assessments to determine if certain risks (in this case cutting fuel and possibly maintenance costs) are worth the savings. 

Thank about that next time you board a plane.