Monday, May 11, 2009

[RUMOR] Palm Real Reviewers, Phones Ship This Week

If you're like me you've been checking the tweets, blogsphere, Palm forums, and most importantly your inbox and spam folder to make sure you didn't miss whether or not you were selected to be a part of the Palm Real Reviewer program.

The Real Reviewer program is a program designed to spread buzz about upcoming Palm phones (more importantly, the Palm Pre). Palm is selecting regular ol' folks to receive a free Palm phone (they never specifically said Palm Pre, but I'm guessing that's the one you'll get) and 6 months of free Sprint service. What's the catch you ask? They simply want you to tweet, Facebook, blog, and quite simply spread the word be it good or bad. We all know they'd prefer the latter. No word on whether you'll be asked to return the phone or keep it and sign a two year contract. So don't go prepping your E-bay store to rape a pressed fanboy for $1,000 for the Palm Pre just yet.

There's a rumor going on across the blogsphere that the individuals selected by Palm to be Real Reviewers have phones being mailed out this week and could receive them as early as Wednesday.

The big question is why has it been so quiet [the tumble weed rolls]. There have been no tweets, Facebook posting, blogs, or forum postings regarding people who were selected to be a Palm Real Reviewer. This has lead to speculation that Palm will either:

  1. Contact those selected today (Monday 5/11).
  2. Just send you the phone and the info with no selection notification.

Others speculate that Palm Real Reviewers may have been put under an NDA and aren't allowed to disclose the details. I beg to differ as that would seem contradictory to the entire idea of creating a viral campaign and is sure to put a hamper on buzz and fanboys alike.

Stay tuned!

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