Friday, May 22, 2009

Alabama cops fired after beating unconscious suspect.

Alabama police officers involved in a high speed pursuit on Jan. 23, 2008 were fired Wednesday for beating an unconscious suspect who was ejected from his vehicle during a high speed pursuit. I must say, after first seeing the video. I too thought, that guy deserved a good ass stomping. He barely missed running over a cop. I don’t mean that bullshit you see on your regular episode of Saturday night Cops when the officer always says “you almost hit me". Or “you could have killed me”. You know the episode. The same one the cop says “why were you running?” and the crack head replies: “I was scared”. This officer was about 1/2 inch from having a permanent Dodge logo embedded on his face. But after you take a minute to think about the fact that the guy just got ejected out of his vehicle and was motionless, unconscious on the ground. You start to feel anger towards the cops.

I don’t know about you, but if I just got ejected out of a Dodge Caravan doing 60mph around an off ramp that my first thought would be to resist or run for that matter. But what happens? The cops jump out of their cruisers and proceed to river dance on the guy. Here’s the thing, he’s probably a bad guy, he probably swerved to avoid the stop sticks not to hit the cop, he probably deserved being beat up by the police. If he killed your family on the road you’d want to whoop his ass too I’m sure.

The issue is this. We cannot allow officers or anyone for that matter to just dish out punishment as they see fit. Clearly this wasn’t a black/white issue. The first cop to A-Town stomp on the guy was African-American and the suspect was also African-American. This was just plain ol’ police brutality. If we allow police to go unpunished for the brutality seen in the video then we’re sending a message that next time you pull over someone, feel free to drag them out of their Honda and beat the shit out of them because you’re upset your wife is divorcing you and your kids hate you. Remember the 15-year old girl who kicked her shoe at a cop and got the shit beat out of her by a police officer.

These officers were fired and I think they deserved it. These are the assholes you want to pull you over? These are the guys you want to respond to an emergency and they can’t even control their temper on an unconscious criminal? I think these videos are nothing more than showing what happens on a regular basis. The difference is when the camera is rolling you can’t lie about it. In the past it was just your word against the cops. Now, criminals and civilians alike have a new ally, it’s called the dash cam bitch.

Let this be a lesson to cops who think it’s OK to beat on helpless citizens you never know when the dash cam, or camera phone is rolling. The unfortunate part about this is cops like these give all cops a bad name.

The video is embedded below, here’s a link for those who can’t see the embedded content.  [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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